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Our Philosophy

At Infiniti HR, the foundation of our business is customer service. Our success is measured by the clients’ level of satisfaction.

Every service is handled with a relentless pursuit of providing superior quality customer service and a commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations.

In addition to our full service outsourcing models that include PEO and ASO arrangements, Infiniti HR offers a broad range of HR consulting services for that one time project or on a continual basis. We can provide customizable HR consulting services to fit your specific needs with up front pricing either as a per project cost or on an hourly basis.

We Listen

What you have to tell us is important. We make recommendations for your human resources solutions only when we truly understand your objectives, goals and capabilities.

We Are Accountable

One of our core values is making sure we are accountable throughout the entire time we are engaged with you, and we take responsibility for your satisfaction.

We Customize

We do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. We tailor our approach to each client’s personality, culture and customer needs.

We Communicate

We communicate effectively and regularly with clients (and with our own staff) so that everyone is informed on a current basis. Our staff is available to you and responsive.

We Represent Value

Our goal at all times, regardless of the service, is to find ways to improve outcomes, increase efficiency and increase your profits.

We Develop Partnerships

With a commitment to community advocacy, we’re always looking to strengthen business relationships and develop partnerships with our customers and suppliers that are based on open and honest communication, mutually-beneficial economics  and integrity in every transaction.


“Since we left Paychex to join Infiniti HR, our questions have been answered in a more timely fashion, and the ease of reporting online has made us much more efficient in the time collection areas. As a growing company, it is very important to our firm that we have vendors who are flexible to our needs and can respond to issues immediately. Since becoming a client, Infiniti HR has done whatever was necessary to ensure our company was completely satisfied with the service. Your continued involvement in our daily operations has been an unexpected bonus. Thank you for your extra efforts and extreme dedication to support us as we grow. I would confidently refer Infiniti HR to any business who is processing with Paychex, or just looking for a better, more comprehensive way to handle their administrative functions.”

– Pat Hiban, Keller Williams.

“In addition to professionally managing our payroll, human resources and benefits administration, your qualified team responds swiftly and proficiently to our continual questions and growing pains.”

– Todd Salvo, Salvo Auto Parts

“Your commitment to having a first class organization is reflected by the responses we receive whenever we have a question or concern with our payroll or our benefits. The pressure that Infiniti HR has taken off of our company has been significant and greatly appreciated.”

– Julie Carr, Marketing Matters


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