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At Infiniti HR, we help companies reduce costs by effectively managing human resources (HR) functions while allowing businesses to focus on their core operations that impact profitability. We offer our expertise to effectively manage critical HR responsibilities and employer risks for clients of any size. Our client services help you navigate increasingly complex employee related matters including payroll, human resource compliance, employee benefits and risk management services, through professional employer organization (PEO) environments or administrative service organization (ASO) arrangements. We act as a single source provider of integrated services that ensure your company is operating in keeping with Fair Labor Standards Act, COBRA laws, handling payroll services and managing (taking care) of any workers’ compensation issues.

Whether you’re a one-person shop or a major national chain, Infiniti HR can save you time and resources by handling routine and redundant tasks so you can focus on determining the needs of your customer, mission-critical business objectives and improving employee engagement and productivity. 

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