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Advancements in human resource practices happen at INFINITI HR because of the exceptional people who work here. Meet some of our team and explore the website to see the work we do in payroll and benefits.


Infiniti HR founder

As the principal visionary behind the unprecedented growth of leading PEO and national human resources firm, INFINITI HR, Scott Smrkovski is quickly becoming recognized as one of the nation’s leading innovators in the HR industry. His knowledge in all areas of human resources outsourcing has been pivotal in the development of INFINITI HR’s extensive expansion efforts into new markets across the nation. Smrkovski is adept at providing scalable solutions that achieve a client retention rate above 95 percent in the areas of payroll, human resources, risk management, employee benefits, recruitment process outsourcing and franchise solutions.




mark schwaiger

An innovative and hardworking Maryland-based entrepreneur focused on growing in the field of human resources and sales management. As the managing partner of INFINITI HR and INFINITI Benefits, Mark Schwaiger is a successful business executive adept at creating a genuine connection between employer and employee. With more than 20 years of executive management experience, he assists INFINITI HR’s clients in the areas of organizational development, strategic planning, employee relations, branding, leadership training and coaching. He currently holds a life and health insurance license in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.



As the Senior Vice President for INFINITI HR, Daniel Mormino leads strategic management for the firm, including national alliance, sales divisions, business conversions, operations and corporate sponsorships. Daniel Mormino represents thousands of clients, business leaders, consultants, developers and investors throughout the country. His career spans approximately two decades as a passionate innovator in Human Capital Management. Mormino designed human resource outsourcing solutions to help businesses prevent the pitfalls of employer liability and the obstacles to organic growth by leveraging the economies of scale of large enterprises into a competitive advantage. Mormino’s servant leadership supports the growing need amongst businesses of all sizes to increase their operational efficiency, reduce labor costs and streamline operations. Daniel Mormino scaled the leading Professional Employer Organization to accommodate a diverse cohort of franchises, allowing for innovation and excellence to thrive. Mormino is the founder of the INFINITI HR Franchise Division, the INFINITI HR National Alliance and the ranking member of “The President’s Club.” He is known for his public policy advocacy and is recognized for his financial support of franchises. As a Certified Franchise Executive accredited by the ICFE, Daniel Mormino is also proud to serve on the Membership Committee and the Convention Committee of the International Franchise Association (IFA.) Daniel Mormino is a frequent featured speaker at many industry conventions, conferences and seminars. Mormino holds a Franchise Management Certification from Georgetown University and an M.B.A. from the W.P. Carey School of Business from Arizona State University.


sheldon altschulerSheldon Altschuler has more than 20 years of risk, insurance, safety and employment practice management experience. He has consulted for more than 300 companies with an aggregate of 200,000 employees in a variety of industries and jurisdictions, utilizing aggressive risk control techniques and the full range of insurance solutions including captive, self-insurance and deductible products. As the vice president of risk management for INFINITI HR, he has authored coursework for national programs, lectured for industry seminars and contributed articles for association journals (SHRM and NAPEO).



ray hrabe

Ray Hrabe has more than 15 years of HR, payroll and benefit experience. He recently has served as HRIS and benefits director for Volunteers of America, a national nonprofit. Hrabe is adept at creating company-wide wellness programs and has a track record of driving revenue increases with innovative programs and by streamlining processes through technology. His fiduciary responsibilities included overseeing $12M in annual medical spend and more than $120M in retirement plan assets. He has been heavily involved in managing all aspect of the Affordable Care Act and is often a panelist for SHRM at several events on this topic.




Mindy Flanigan, PHR, and her team of consultants provide dedicated HR management services to our PEO, ASO and HR only client base. With more than 50 years of combined HR management and business support services experience, the Inspiring HR team provides our clients access to their HR-SURE® service platform; HR services that are simple, understandable, relevant and empowering. Inspiring HR’s consultants are well versed in co-employment, knowledgeable in the areas of labor law compliance and dedicated to the success of the clients they support.

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