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APFL Names INFINITI HR Professional Employer Organization

February 24th, 2015 by Sarah Frye

IRVINE, CA –  INFINITI HR, a leading human resources firm, has been named the official professional employer organization (PEO) of the fledgling AAA Professional Football League, which will pay modest stipends and offer insurance, develop players who seek NFL, CFL or AFL discovery, while building employment and leadership opportunities around them.

“INFINITI HR will play a critical role in providing our league professional, human capital management infrastructure and development for new franchises, and our corporate brands,” said Anna Holt, APFL president.

The APFL – whose platform is ‘Building Champions, Building Men’ – is a developmental professional football league launched on the mantra of ‘be paid, be insured, be discovered, be a man.’ The league is a nonprofit sports leadership organization poised to franchise America’s number-one developmental football program, and promotes the player as its ‘chief concern’ as ‘the player, with the APFL ‘designed as a launch pad for their lives.’

INFINITI HR, a premium national supplier to the International Franchise Association and sponsor of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives is recognized for its ability to support brand standards, mitigate employer risk and liability and provide life leadership skills and a pathway to success for franchised or corporate employees.

INFINITI HR Division Vice President, Daniel Mormino, announced the deal following the press conference. “Today we witnessed history because APFL and INFINITI HR are a natural fit. We are an impassioned noble force, a family with shared values who will empower franchises and team members for many years to come. We are honored to be the professional employer organization supporting the nation’s fastest-growing developmental franchise football opportunity,” Mormino said.

Renowned for the most customizable and cost-effective employer services available for franchises, corporate brands and small/mid-size enterprises, INFINITI HR is the recognized premier professional employer organization for franchises and emerging corporate brands in all 50 states.

“A human capital management infrastructure is necessary to manage increasingly complex employer-related matters,” Holt said. “This includes federal and state regulatory compliance, procurement of mandated insurances, employee relations, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, tax compliance, unemployment claims and audits for employers of all sizes. INFINITI HR assumes these responsibilities for the APFL, and provides us extensive expertise in ongoing human capital management.”

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Article Name
APFL Names INFINITI HR Professional Employer Organization
INFINITI HR has been named the official professional employer organization (PEO) of the fledgling AAA Professional Football League.
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