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At Infiniti HR, You Can Pay Your Payroll with Credit

July 16th, 2015 by Sarah Frye

Could You Use Cash for Your Next Payroll to Cover a Cash Flow Gap? Infiniti HR Has a Turnkey Solution for All Your Payroll Needs.

BURTONSVILLE, MD – Every active business experiences periodic cash shortfalls. We understand that when money is tight, all the dollars you have on hand must be allocated to payroll—your single most critical, non-deferrable cash obligation. Not only does this deplete your reserves, but your valuable management time is diverted to the unproductive shuffling of collections and payables.

That’s why Infiniti HR has partnered with the Payroll Funding Company to allow clients a flexible way to cover cash flow gaps. Now, you can cover a single payroll, one at a time, with a manageable weekly repayment plan to spread it over six months. Paying just one week’s worth of payroll on credit can buy you a vital window to cover a lag in receivables, a rapid business expansion, a supplier failure, an insurance glitch, or any other situational or event-related cash shortage.

Through the new partnership, once a month Infiniti HR clients can pay their payroll on credit. Payroll Funding will pay it for you and then pay it to PEC over the next two weeks. The cost? Just $100. Funds are limited so fundings are on a first come first serve basis.

Available to Infiniti HR clients, there is no personal guarantee. This means your FICO score and debt capacity aren’t reduced. There is no perfected lien, no collateral, no minimum FICO score, no up front fee, no standby fee. Not even a written application. But you must be pre-approved, and that can take 15 days.

If you would like the safety margin of having a large cash reserve available (at no cost until you use it), contact Payroll Funding at 609-924-9394 for a 15 minute pre-approval conversation.

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