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HR Solutions for Nonprofits

Save More to Serve More:
Reducing Costs for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations today face unprecedented challenges—economic conditions have contributed to increased demands for their services yet they are challenged with steady declines in funding. As available resources are primarily funneled into programs that serve their stakeholders and the community, nonprofits face a host of administrative burdens and operational risks that threaten the bottom line and ultimately dilute the success of their mission critical goals.

Infiniti HR provides a comprehensive approach to helping you manage important human resources functions that will reduce costs. We remove the administrative burden from your employees so they can focus on your core operations, the mission and whats really important to your nonprofit.

Our HR outsourcing services are customizable and are available as a bundle or à la carte as we assist in a professional employer organization (PEO) arrangement. Infiniti HR is in all 50 states, on-site when you need us, and provides tenacious and innovative solutions designed to protect your greatest assets.

We have also developed the Infiniti Insurance Trust, a nonprofit unemployment trust and statutory insurance program for 501(c) organizations and agencies to assure reduced unemployment costs and to allow an increase in your assets.


  • Employment Administration
  • Payroll and Payroll Tax Administration
  • Human Resource Compliance
  • Employee Benefits and 401(k)
  • Risk Management
  • Access to Infiniti Unemployment Trust
  • Workers’ Compensation Coverage
  • Recruitment


  • Full Regulatory Compliance Management
  • Reduced Employer Liability
  • Minimized Exposure to Risk
  • Scalable Cloud Based Payroll & Reporting
  • Access to Insurance Discounts Through PEO Volume
  • Reduced and Contained Rising HR Costs
  • Creation of Efficiency

Click the link for more on how we help clients across the nation reduce costs with effective human resources administration. To sign up your nonprofit for service, complete the form below.

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