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Compliance Plans – A Worthwhile Investment

August 18th, 2015 by Inspiring HR

In order to avoid, or at least minimize the costs associated with a labor law violation, you should have an official document in place that assigns a compliance officer, and offers details on how labor law violations are found and corrected, BEFORE an auditor or investigator arrives.  A well crafted compliance plan will do just that.

What is the value? Is a compliance plan worth the investment?  Well, is the peace of mind knowing your bottom line won’t suffer because of back wage penalties and fines worth it?  What if you knew a compliance plan can potentially save the business a minimum of $6,500?

The value can come in many forms, with an understanding that it is far more affordable to be proactive than reactive.

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Compliance Plans - A Worthwhile Investment
Are compliance plans worth the investment? Yes, and we will explain why.
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