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Mobile Recruiting – The Latest and Greatest

March 31st, 2017 by Jennifer Archer, Inspiring HR

As a small business owner, you may spend much of your time on the road. In fact, you might not even have an office at all! So how can you go about finding the best and brightest hires for your business? By using mobile recruiting technology! With the rise of mobile devices and the apps that they can run, you can complete many “office” tasks without having a desktop computer.

This approach also appeals to your potential employees. Between 25 and 40 percent of all candidates are using mobile technology in their job hunt. The mobile platform increases the speed, efficiency, and convenience of the job search process. Employers like these factors, as well as the added bonus of mobile typically being a less expensive. Recruiting apps also allow companies to chat with interested candidates directly, bypassing headhunters entirely. Even better, apps don’t require scheduling appointments; both employers and candidates can access information at any time, in any place. Additionally, mobile seems to be an effective entryway to the passive candidate pool – those who already have jobs, and are just thinking about potential new opportunities.

If you’ve read this far, you may be thinking “we don’t even have a website – how are we going to do mobile recruiting?” or “I’ve always been able to hire good people through word of mouth.”

So how do you use mobile recruiting technology in your hiring process?

  • Find a mobile recruiting app that works for you

As with any mobile technology, recruiting apps are growing rapidly! While we do not endorse the use of any particular app, some to consider are ProvenSwitchInstaJob, Anthology, or InterviewJet. Each of these apps has a different operating strategy and target market, but they all have an understanding of mobile recruiting. Many allow you to review candidates in real time and connect directly to those candidates if both parties express interest, and all of them help get your job postings directly to candidates’ mobile phones.

  • Simplify Your Job Postings

To most effectively engage job seekers on a mobile platform, you’ll need to streamline your job postings to focus on only the most important information – title and primary function, requirements, location, and nature of the work. The more info about perks you can provide – PTO, salary range, benefits, and your cool company culture – the greater responses you’re likely to get. The nature of mobile requires a clean and clear presentation.

  • Be Open to a Variety of Response Formats

You’ll have to get used to more informal, pared down versions of resumes from candidates, and even video resumes. Job seekers may reach out through app chat functions, or my respond with a LinkedIn profile, depending on the platform. Expecting a full cover letter and resume defeats the efficiency of the mobile approach, so decide in advance at what point to require a more formal application and resume.

  • Be Ready to Respond Quickly

Responses to mobile job postings happen very, very quickly. Candidates can apply with one or two clicks or a swipe, and in turn, they expect employer engagement usually within 24 hours. After all, frustration over endless wait times is why many started searching on mobile in the first place.

To truly adopt and succeed on mobile, you need to be as quick as the job seeker. Luckily, mobile sourcing is accessible from anywhere and, due to the shorter profiles and tap-to-like nature of mobile, candidates are easier to screen, too.

Studies show that job searching on mobile is rapidly increasing in popularity, given its appeal and benefits both to small businesses and job seekers. Why not test it out, to see if it can help you fill that critical role in less time, with better results?

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